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2x Your Cash Flow

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Uncertain On How To Scale Your Business And People?

We get it–running and scaling a business can feel overwhelming. You may feel uncertain about what steps you need to take in order to grow to the next level. A successful business has the right plan, process and people in place to scale.

Our Harvard Certified Scaling Up program helps you avoid stagnant growth by giving you and your team the tools and resources needed to confidently scale.

Feel like you don’t have time? Sometimes you need to slow down to scale up. Learn why 20,000 Scaleups is essential to your business growth.

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Start Scaling Your Business.

At the end of our 12-month Scaling Up program you will have:

An executive team that is healthy and ALIGNED.
Core VALUES and purpose are alive in the organization.
Healthy communication RHYTHMS.
ACCOUNTABILITY and goals are met.
The company plans and PERFORMANCE is transparent.

Global, But Local.

Join a powerful cohort in Guatemala City.

Build success with our 4 quarterly in-person team meetings per year plus our virtual learning platform to keep your leadership motivated, focused and accountable.


Earn a Master's Certificate.

After the first year, CEOs from the participating firms can attend Harvard for a two-day workshop and to earn their Master’s Certificate.

Invested In Your Growth.

Guided by José Muñoz & Mari Soler.

Learn and implement our proven management tools to equip your leadership team with the skills needed to scale your business for success. 

Meet Your Scaling Up Certified Coaches

José Muñoz

José Muñoz is an entrepreneur; business, executive, and life coach; and cofounder of ALLAGIS, a firm that facilitates methodologies, tools, resources, and strategies that accompany executives and entrepreneurs in the execution of their company’s growth.

He advises organizations and their executives on strategy, organizational culture, and talent development and has experience in a wide range of industries including retail, construction, manufacturing & distribution, education, financial services, and NGOs.

José spent his early professional years in the executive world working in banking technology and later specialized in project management and business administration.

Professional Highlights

José and his team coach local and international corporations on subjects like boards of directors, administration, strategy, execution, and high-performance management teams. In addition to being a coach and advisor, he is a partner in several entrepreneurial ventures.

José was a professor of Business Engineering at Francisco Marroquín University and is currently developing Executive Development programs in Central America. He was a founding partner of the Project Management Association of Guatemala and a member of its Board of Directors for several years.

Personal Highlights

Jose is married and has two children. As a family, they love spending time together engaging in different activities and are also cofounders of ventures, having fun as entrepreneurs.

José is also passionate about Fashion Design, and in his free time, he invests hours learning and acquiring skills in this discipline.

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Mari Soler

Mari Soler is an entrepreneur; business, executive, and life coach; Team Coach; and cofounder of ALLAGIS, a firm that facilitates methodologies, tools, resources, and strategies that accompany executives and entrepreneurs in the execution of their company’s growth. ALLAGIS’s solutions embrace worldwide methodologies that unleash the potential of companies, accelerating growth through organizational culture development, strategy, and executive and team coaching. ALLAGIS’s team live by their philosophy of giving blue-ribbon service, so they will immerse themselves in solving that thing that is hindering a company’s true potential. Their purpose: “Unleash potential through change.”

Professional Highlights

Mari and her team coach local and international corporations on subjects like boards of directors, administration, strategy, execution, and high-performance management teams. In addition to being a coach and advisor, she is a partner in several entrepreneurial ventures.

Mari was a professor of Gastronomy and Hotel and Restaurants Administration at Rafael Landívar University.

Personal Highlights

Mari is married and has two kids. As a family, they love to spend time together and they also share their entrepreneurship spirit with several ventures. In her free time, she loves to cook for her family and friends. She loves to learn and expand her knowledge in this area as a hobby and is currently studying to become a Bartender.

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Hear From Other Businesses Who Have Scaled With Us

Using the Scaling Up methodologies, we have helped dozens of businesses and leadership teams successfully scale in the last decade.

“We have seen a growth rate, depending on the business unit, of between 30% and 40% from one year to the next.”

Mario Tejada | CEO Grupo ALMO

“The experience I have had with the TITANES program with the Scaling Up methodology has been very good and successful within our organization. It has helped us to have a very clear vision of the established plans and to be able to continuously monitor progress and important aspects to improve. Communication with the entire management team has improved substantially and has allowed us to stay up to date on important issues that need to be resolved.”

Rodrigo Labbé | CEO ProHygiene Guatemala

“I attribute the success we are having today to your consulting and Scaling Up. We could not be where we are if we did not have this methodology. The only way a person can work from anywhere is to have KPIs and projects to accomplish and then for us to have a follow-up meeting with them every day.”

Andres Aguilar | CEO Señoriales

Meet Our City Champion

Patricia Cofiño has been Director of Organizational Culture and Human Capital at McDonalds Mesoamerica since 1984.

Patty is recognized for her focus on people, she is a strategic leader, innovator and an entrepreneur with a broad vision of the business. Her main philosophy is “Making normal people, exceptional people” and she focuses on developing the most important thing in companies: people.

Patty spends a significant amount of her time traveling from restaurant to restaurant, meeting and listening to her co-workers. She has dedicated herself to developing people within the organization,  from the level of academic studies to opening spaces for people to grow within the company.

Patty is co-founder of the “Hamburger University” in Guatemala, a corporate university that has achieved more than 10,000 Leadership graduates and more than 3,000 Covey’s Habits graduates.

Patty also possesses a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, creating programs for the development of women in business, employability of high-risk youth, and employability of people with physical disabilities.

During her stint as Director of Organizational Culture and Human Capital, her work has received several recognition awards such as “Great Place to Work”, “CentraRSE Award” for corporate social responsibility, “Service Leader” at a national level, and “Award for Good Practices” at an international level McDonald’s Guatemala.

Meet Our Investment Champion

Pablo Galindo Asensio is a businessman and lifelong learner.

He has more than ten years of experience in creating and growing companies. Partner at Gea Capital (2021), an early stage VC Fund focussed on investing in technology-enabled business that can disrupt existing industries. Founder and General Manager of Advanced Management School (2018), an executive education company focussed on delivering tailor-made learning experiences that help companies outperform their competitors by making learning their core competence. Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gestla Ventures (2016), an innovation-management consulting firm focussed on helping large companies design and execute disruptive strategies to future-proof their core businesses.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the Francisco Marroquín University and obtained a behavioral sciences specialization from Harvard University. He has been a participant in multiple executive programs at Harvard Business School, where he is currently admitted to the OPM business program designed for owners and presidents. For the third consecutive year, Pablo has been coach of the Francisco Marroquín University Business School team, who has obtained a podium in the international family enterprise case competition (FECC) organized by the Grossman School of Business for two successive years.


An integrative program that involves both interactive, in-person education along with personal online learning.
Get access to:

  • Scaling Up Scoreboard Software subscription for up to 10 employees for 1 full year.
  • Complimentary live streaming of both Spring and Fall ScaleUp Summits.
  • Discounted registration prices for Spring and Fall ScaleUp Summits.
  • A two-day Harvard Program for CEOs to recap lessons learned, reflections on the program, how they’ve implemented Scaling Up strategies, and any results*
  • Company diagnostics and assessment of current and future priorities and goals – including a personalized Cash Flow Story with your City Leader.
  • Access to participating partner Better Book Club, a web-based book club that encourages professional growth and accountability within your business.
  • Establish a strong culture of learning with all of your employees with Growth Institute’s on-demand Center for Excellence and Culture.

* optional session (additional $2,500 fee)

Guatemala City Cohort Location

Name: Hotel Real Intercontinental

Address: 14 Calle 2-51, Zona 10 , Guatemala City ,01010, Guatemala

Scaling A Business Can Be Hard.

Especially if you don’t have a plan or your leadership team isn’t prepared.

We get it–there are a lot of things to consider when scaling a business and sometimes you don’t know what steps to take next.

Joining our 12-month Scaling Up program gives you the confidence you need to scale and successfully take your business to the next level.

If you are a high-growth company looking to scale, contact us!