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No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”

– Hellen Keller

12 Stars. 10 Minutes Each. Plus Fun.

Scaleups are the “first responders” of economies – having generated 92% of the jobs coming out of the last recession. As such, we need to prepare to lead this recovery – for the sake of our companies and countries!


92.8% of the 2303 leaders that tuned in April 02 asked us to work our magic and curate another 12 new stars, twelve fresh 10-minute no-fluff “what is next” presentations like the first summit, but to NOT repeat advice.  The times have already changed in a few weeks – and so must our next steps – we’ve adjusted the content to match.


Over 10,000 watched the replays of the practical advice Scaling Up has shared over the past couple of weeks.  We’re ambitiously moving forward and hope you’re of the same mindset.  We’ll quickly create summary Notes and you’ll, again, have full access to edited recordings of each star like the last Summit. Quick bits of relevant ideas.


We will also host a 22-min “Musical Happy Hour” with our partner SongDivision, to kick back and have some fun with musicians who’ve worked with the biggest rock, pop and country stars on the planet. SongDivision has world-class musicians and facilitators that will bring this virtual musical experience to the next level.

Sample Feedback

From our April 02 Virtual Summit


April 22, 2:22pm - 4:22pm ET

Verne Harnish | Navigating

As the author of Scaling Up, Verne has helped firms navigate through crises multiple times, including his own firm after 9/11. He’s curated the 12 stars and will interview/moderate to drive practical “what we need to know today” content in each of their 10 minute segments. More useful ideas per minute than anyplace else – the brand promise.

David Horsager | Trust #1

David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE is the CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index™, and director of one of the nation’s foremost trust studies: The Trust Outlook™. His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. David has advised leaders and delivered life-changing presentations on six continents, with audiences ranging everywhere from FedEx, Toyota and global governments to the New York Yankees and the Department of Homeland Security.

Elizabeth Lombardo | Inner Critic/Inner Light

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Best-Selling author of A Happy You and Better Than Perfect, is America’s most trusted celebrity psychologist with over 100 national media interviews including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Dr. E has personally helped high performing executives, entrepreneurs and athletes crush their inner critic and access untapped, practically limitless, reserves of potential. Dr. E is on a mission to change the global conversation around ICS (Inner Critic Syndrome) FOR GOOD… so we can all live happier, fuller and more connected lives. In her 10 minutes, she will share introduce key steps to improving your Inner Critic and unlocking your fullest potential.

Dave Kurlan | Sales Moving Forward

Dave is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG), which is the industry leader in sales assessments and sales force evaluations and was named the Top Sales Assessment Tool from 2011-2014. Dave is also CEO of Kurlan & Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in sales force development. He possesses 30 plus years of experience in all facets of sales development, including consulting, training, coaching, recruiting, systems, processes, and metrics and is the author of Baseline Selling. Dave will discuss how we will need to shift our sales strategy moving forward.

Keith Ferrazzi | Team Dynamics

Considered the #1 expert on managing virtual workplaces, Keith is author of Who’s Got Your Back and several other NY Times best-sellers. He’ll share a rapid fire list of do’s and don’ts in running remote work teams – and we’ll share some free technology helpful in making this easier to track accountabilities and KPIs.

Greg Brenneman | Mastering Turnarounds

Greg most recently served as CEO and President of Quiznos, one of the nation’s fastest-growing quick service restaurant chains, where he led Quiznos’ next-level growth strategies for the brand. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Quiznos. Prior to Quiznos, Greg was Chairman and CEO of Burger King Corporation. During his tenure he, along with a team of executives, led the turnaround of Burger King Corporation where he oversaw a nearly tripling of average profits per restaurant with a wide array of lucrative new products, award-winning advertising and dramatically improving customer service. He is also the author of bestseller Right Away and All At Once. Greg will share some important advice on how to adjust your business strategy to thrive in this new reality.

Kathy Kolbe | Relationships

As an acclaimed theorist, best-selling author and pioneer in her field, Kathy was the first to prove the existence of the conative mental faculty, which causes us to act, react and interact. Believing that we are all equally perfect in our own way, she has spent over 40 years collecting and analyzing conative traits to ultimately help us be ourselves. She founded Kolbe Corp and was the CEO for 30 Years, and is now its Chairman Emerita. Based on this seminal work, Kolbe was able to identify the algorithm for team synergy. After decades of research with hundreds of organizations, she assists leaders in making wise decisions based on a comprehensive set of human factors. So, we've asked Kathy to talk about the deeper purpose of relationships and the importance they have on the success of your businesses.

Denise Lee Yohn | Build and Use Your Brand to Lead In a Crisis

Denise Lee Yohn is the go-to expert on brand leadership for national media outlets, a speaker and consultant, and author of two bestselling books: What Great Brands Do, and FUSION. Denise served as lead strategist at advertising agencies for Burger King and Land Rover and as the marketing leader and analyst for Jack in the Box restaurants and Spiegel catalogs. She went on to head Sony Electronic Inc.’s first ever brand office, where she was the vice president/general manager of brand and strategy and garnered major corporate awards. Consulting clients have included Target, Oakley, Dunkin‘ Donuts, and other leading companies. Denise will share how to use your brand to engage and motivate employees, target your resources to deepening relationships with core customers, and how to Increase the differentiation and value of your brand.

Michael Bungay Stanier | Resilience

Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of the best-selling coaching book of this century, The Coaching Habit, with more than 3/4 million copies sold. He founded Box of Crayons, a company that helps organizations shift from advice-driven to curiosity-led. He rocked the ScaleUp Summit crowd in San Antonio in 2017 with a hands-on, practical session that got the whole room talking. His new book The Advice Trap helps you #TameYourAdviceMonster.

Josh Linkner | Better Ideas Faster

To Josh Linkner, creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of all human progress. As such, he’s spent his career harnessing the power of creative disruption. As the founder and CEO of five tech companies, Josh built his businesses from a blank page into a combined value of over $200 million. He is also a two-time New York Times Bestselling Author of three books – Disciplined Dreaming, The Road to Reinvention and The New Growth Model from the Sinister World of Hackers. Today, we need to create new ideas faster than ever before. Josh will share his advice on how to accomplish that.

General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal | Leadership in the Trenches

A retired four-star general, Stan is the former commander of US and International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) Afghanistan and the former commander of the nation’s premier military counter-terrorism force, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He is best known for developing and implementing a comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, and for creating a cohesive counter-terrorism organization that revolutionized the interagency operating culture. Stanley is also the author of the bestseller, Team of Teams. We are in theoretical trenches right now, and we need a way to lead while we're in the thick of it. I don't think there is a better expert to talk about this, other than General Stanley McChrystal.

Musical Extravaganza/Happy “hour” with SongDivision

Make sure you don’t miss the last couple of minutes of the Summit! We’ve got a world-class songwriter, care of SongDivision, sitting in with us - they are going to take notes, magically work it all into a song, then perform it for us. And if you enjoy that, then straight after the Summit, SongDivision is hosting a free ‘Musical Happy Half Hour’ just for us. Kick back and have some fun for 22 minutes with musicians who've worked with the biggest rock, pop and country stars on the planet.
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