Andy Bailey

AUTHOR of  Vitamin B (For Business) Your one-a day supplement for improvement in business and leadership

Andy Bailey is a serial entrepreneur who spends the majority of his time coaching other entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and teams to grow dynamic businesses that focus on: people, strategy, execution and cash. When he’s not coaching, Andy is relaying his business and leadership experiences to readers of his recurring Forbes, Huffington Post, SmallBizDaily and AllBusiness columns and to audience members at professional events and conferences.

He is Founder and Head Coach at Petra Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching firm. Based on his years of entrepreneurism (he started his first company in college and achieved Inc. 500 status as one of the fastest growing businesses in America) and facilitating company planning sessions around the globe, Andy can cut through organizational BS faster than a hot knife through warm butter. He shows organizations the logjams thwarting their success and coaches them past urgent day-to-day fire drills so they can address and execute important higher-level business strategies.