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Join hundreds of Rockefeller Habits 2.0 users in a day-long spirit of “how to” interaction and collaboration. Learn from the CEOs of some of the world’s top companies. They are already committed to scaling up their businesses by utilizing our various one-page tools, techniques, and technologies. The Rockefeller Habits experiences and insights they share at the conference will help you craft an industry-dominating strategy! Our promise to all of you? More practical ideas per minute than any other executive education event you’ll attend (or your money back!)


If you’ve been in business less than 25 years, you still have time to make it big; if it has been more than 25 years and you’ve not scaled up, it’s never too late!

Don’t let this opportunity to make it big pass you by. Be part of this one-day conference and experience the thrill of Rockefeller Habits 2.0 jumping off the page and right into the middle of exciting, yet practical, idea-filled discussions. You will hear leaders of some of today’s most successful companies reveal their “nuts and bolts” of scaling up. Not only will you and your colleagues share challenges, together you will generate workable solutions. You will begin to grasp the right questions to ask, because as Verne says, “We have the answers, all the answers; it’s the question we do not know.”

The conference will be particularly useful for users of Align Gazelles, the cloud-based software system that will assist you in implementing the Rockefeller Habits, maintaining accountability and team engagement.


People – Strategy – Execution – Cash

These are the four major decision areas every company must get right! And they are the four areas that will be addressed in detail at the Summit’s morning and afternoon breakout sessions. To delve as deeply as possible into the subject matter, each area has been further broken down into three specific topics. All breakout sessions will be led by Gazelles Certified Coaches, as well as by C-level executives from participating companies. Attendees will receive expert direction on each particular topic, as well as advice on practical application and the benefit of the session leaders’ real experiences.

With 45-minute sessions that explore 12 exciting topics, attendees can choose up to five that best suit their needs and interests.


One Page Personal Plan – We plan our businesses, but what about planning our life’s purpose and interests for success? Learn how to build a Personal Plan to ensure you are managing and balancing your Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance for your future. Business is meant to serve your life’s purpose and not vice versa!

Function Accountability – Identifying and gaining clarity on the most important functional roles (who does what?) in a company is vital for crisp, clear, effective execution of your business plan. Learn THE tool that will identify the key functional roles, whom is accountable for the role, and the one metric to ensure measurable success.

Learning & Development for Growth – Facing low employee engagement, a weak culture, or unstable business growth? Today, the difference between average and high performing teams is a culture of learning. Teams with L&D have the resources and move faster, and when done right, it accelerates the entire organization. More than 500 businesses around the world leverage the Growth Institute’s Scaling Up Club L&D platform to create a culture of learning and accelerated growth.


Strengths Weaknesses Threats – You are familiar with the traditional SWOT tool. Come to learn how to use the powerful and even more strategic Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends (SWT) tool as a leader in your business.

Communications Rhythms – Get insights on maximizing value from your meetings, including a breakdown of the Daily Huddle and Weekly Meeting, two of the critical team meetings that generate accountability toward execution.

One Phrase Strategy – How does a CEO/Owner get “everyone on the same page” in a company? It begins by having a great strategy, and then continues when everyone in the company can share the strategy in one phrase! Come and learn how to clarify your strategy so your team members and key partners “get it” quickly!


3/5 Year Targets and Priorities – Learn how to identify and quantify, clearly, where you want your organization to be at each of these critical milestone periods. Andrew will walk you through a process to gain clarity and teach you how to communicate this clearly so you know where you are going to better define what you should be doing across your entire team.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist – What are the 10 Habits that all growth companies must master to lead their industry and win over the competition? Learn the Rockefeller Habits and how to assess, apply, continually “check in” and strengthen their mastery in your company to achieve the first place among competitors. 

Align ( – Align provides everything you need to manage the Rockefeller Habits™ online with their cloud-based software. Create your One Page Plan, manage Priorities and Tasks, engage with Daily and Weekly Huddles. Align helps you create accountability and drive execution.


Cash Acceleration Strategies (CASh) – Every business would like to speed up cash flow. This session is designed to give you the tools and thought processes you need to do this in your own business. This process, combined with real-world examples, guarantees that you walk away with more cash than you entered with.

Power of One – Walk away with a tool that you can use over and over to show how small changes in different areas of your business affect overall outcomes. Learn how to use this tool to make the right decisions for your business.

Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER) – What is a good metric to measure, monitor and optimize Labor Productivity? It is the Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER), and will help you understand and maximize the output for both management and general labor. Learn how to define this critical KPI, teach everyone how to both understand it and improve it and put it front and center in your organization.


MAY 19-23, 2019

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