Jeremy Han

Corporate Strategy for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG)

Jeremy is both a practitioner as well as a coach of the Rockefeller Habits. Besides coaching others, he successfully implemented Scaling Up as a member of the leadership team in his company, growing net profits 6X between 2015 – 2018, and increasing cash in bank more than 8X within the same period.

He works with executive teams across Asia to scale their business and scale their impact. His clients have rated him an average of 9/10 as a coach, and have seen business growth between 40-400% over 3-year time frames. Some highlights are a Taiwanese furniture company that continues to grow 100% every year since 2017, a Philippines pharmaceutical company that grew 120% in 2018 and a Hong Kong fashion business that hit its highest profits in 17 years after implementing Scaling Up for 2 years.

Besides business growth, Jeremy also helps his clients to set lasting legacy goals that spur both dynamic growth and long-term impact. Some of these goals include creating 1m jobs in 10 years, clothing 1m people in 10 years, and enabling 1m under-privileged children to attend university in 10 years.