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Each week our world continues to change – thus a new set of opportunities/challenges. It’s time for Scaleups – the "first responders" for economies – to lead the recovery.

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Watch Scott Galloway's 12 minutes

Scott references his 3-week branding course Oct 27-Nov 16 – here’s the link for your convenience.
If you’d like to watch the replay of Richard Branson and our other speakers, you can purchase the replay below and share the wisdom with your team. 

About the Speakers

Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group, a conglomerate of more than 400 companies and one of the most dynamic global brands.

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Nathan Blecharczyk

As Co-Founder of Airbnb, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chairman of Airbnb China, Nathan drives key strategic initiatives across the global business.

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Sarah Friar

CEO of Nextdoor, a $2.2 billion valued media firm empowering over 265,000 neighborhoods in 11 countries.

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Scott Galloway

Marketing Professor at NYU and named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” in 2012, Scott is the founder of 9 companies and a NY Times Bestselling author. 

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Adam Grant

Author of several NY Times Bestsellers, Adam Grant has been Wharton’s top-rated professor 7 years straight.

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Gary Hamel

The most reprinted author in HBR history, Hamel is considered one of the top strategic thinkers in modern time and has changed the vocabulary of business forever.

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Verne Harnish

Author of Scaling Up: How a few Companies Make it…and Why the Rest Don’t and CEO of Scaling Up

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Panelists: Global CEOs navigating opportunities

Margarita Herdocia

CEO of PLNT Burger

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Lucía Méndez-Bonito

CEO of B&B Hotels

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Paul Glantz

Co-Founder & Chairman of
Emagine Entertainment

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