"It Takes a Little
Bit of Luck"

Isaac Goldman, CEO, Vertican Technologies

CEO Isaac Goldman was not convinced that his firm would have survived the first months of COVID, but with the help of Scaling Up and Petra Coaching, Vertican went from being a bootstrapped entity to amassing over $1.9 million in liquidity.


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"Building a Post-Pandemic Future of Growth"

Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO of O2E Brands

When the pandemic hit, Scudamore furloughed 100 of his 550 employees, who serve all three brands. Now, with parts of the U.S. and Canadian economy opening up, Scudamore is scaling forward. He’s been applying what I call the 4 Ps of Scaling Forward: People, Pivot, Process and Price.


Here is how.


Download PDF versions of the growth tools used to implement Scaling Up. This download includes the 4D Framework, One Page Personal Plan, Functional Accountability Chart, Process Accountability Char, SWOT Worksheet, 7 Strata Strategy Worksheet, Vision Summary, Cash Acceleration Strategies and The Power of One.