Download Free Chapters of Scaling Up

Want to learn more about the Scaling Up/Rockefeller Habits methodology? Download these free chapters from Scaling Up Revised and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 20th Anniversary Edition: “The Barriers”; “The One-Page Strategic Plan”; and “The Exit”.

The Barriers

Leadership, Infrastructure and Market Dynamics

SUMMARY: There are predictable evolutions and revolutions of organizational growth. These are dictated by the complexity that comes with adding employees, customers, product lines, locations, etc. The barriers to scaling up and managing growth can be mitigated when businesses prioritize three things: an increased number of capable leaders, a scalable infrastructure, and the ability to navigate certain market dynamics.

Strategic Planning

Preparing and Leading the Planning Process

SUMMARY: The key to success in most endeavors requires the right preparation, execution, and follow-through. In this bonus chapter accompanying Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0), we share a dozen key steps to prepare the team for a quarterly or annual planning session; suggested agendas; and recommended follow-through after the offsite meetings. And at the back of this chapter is a sample completed One-Page Strategic Plan.

The Exit

4 Keys to Maximizing Valuation

SUMMARY: Scaling to sell, using the Scaling Up tools/techniques, maximizes the value of your business whether you plan to exit or not. The first half of this chapter highlights four keys to driving a significant increase in valuation: Become redundant, gain control of an industry constraint, achieve a 10x internal advantage, and generate consistent growth. The second half details the pitfalls to avoid in selling your business. Buyers’ calculated (devious?) moves can cost you tens of millions in cash if you’re not careful.