Advice from Verne

March 30: 16 key infrastructure industries &
who is deemed an essential worker during Covid-19

The above was released Saturday night from DHS, Cyber security and Infrastructure Agency in collaboration with State and Local Gov and Industry.  It describes the 16 key infrastructure industries AND who is deemed an essential worker. Go right to page 4 for a diagram of the 16. This is valuable information for anyone seeking opportunities if you’re already in an essential industry, or for companies who may be able to pivot.

March 27: Best Summary/Guides to Gov’t Resources/CARES Act for US & Asia

Download the PDF above for the best guide to decipher the CARES Act for biz owners – thank you Greg Crabtree, author of Simple Numbers, for sharing.

And for those in the Asia Region, Arowana has compiled the best list of government sources of support


March 25:
Important CARES Act Details

$2 Trillion US Economic Rescue Package passes Senate – and other countries are sponsoring similar rescue packages.  #1 priority — assign someone in your company the accountability to gather, track, and help employees and company get all the aid to which you’re entitled.

Above is a section-by-section summary of the CARES Act – which includes a Payroll Protection Program (PPP).  This is being streamlined through lenders.  Anyway, the key point – someone needs accountability for this – someone detail oriented who finds “strength” in ferreting out this information and acting quickly on it (might be a different person).

Week of March 23-27:
"Talk, talk, talk - and then talk some more"

Humans are not designed to think their way out of things (strategies, depression, fear, ideas); we need to talk – I explain why in the PDF below.

I strongly suggest your #1 KPI this week is how many minutes of talk time (not texting) you get with colleagues, advisors, friends, and extended family each day – dramatically up your talk time. You’ll do them and yourself a huge favor.  We all need a lifeline right now – so “phone a friend.”  You’ll feel better connecting vs. hiding – and sleep better as well – it literally kills us to hold things in.

And remember the 5Fs – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finances – those are the top 5 priorities this week (and always).  Let the love flow through the resonance of your voice.  Namaste.

Week of March 16-20:
"The 5 Cs for leading in a crisis"

Panic is contagious; but so is leadership.  It’s time to rise up as leaders.  With my 38 years of watching the best leaders handle a crisis, I’ve created a concise and practical one-pager detailing the 5 Cs of leadership in a crisis/downturn. Here are the five:

  1. Communicate Daily – the #1 action – maybe even twice per day

  2. Customer/Community Support – give, give, give with no expectation of return

  3. Clean Up and Catch Up – time for spring cleaning to keep people proactive and occupied

  4. Cash, Cash, Cash – engage the entire team to help – plus info on SBA Loans (US-centric, I realize)

  5. Calm and Considerate – breathe!!

In the news

Panic is contagious – but so is leadership, as the entrepreneurs behind these small businesses are showing. Verne sheds light on the small business owners who are taking care of employees in need during the coronavirus crisis in this CNBC published story.